TPS 1: Introducing The Primal Shift

FBAvatarWelcome to the Primal Shift Podcast.

In this introductory episode you will get to know your hosts Crystal, Jo and Ivy.
We share a little bit about our background, how we came to Paleo and the Primal Shifts we’ve made since then.

We invite you to listen, learn & share as we talk practical approaches to primal living in the modern world.

Our intention is to post up montly episodes on all kinds of topics, issues and problems that have popped up in our own personal journeys and anything else that catches our interest.

Above all, we will try and keep this podcast simple and practical, because modern life is hard enough as it is!

We hope you enjoy this podcast series!

Please leave us a comment below or come over and connect with us on The Primal Shift Facebook Page.

Blogs, websites and posts mentioned in this episode:

Ivy Thompson, Before & After

Ivy Thompson, Before & After



Crystal & Andrew Fieldhouse Before and After Paleo


Chamois, NZ Goat-Antelope By Antonio Vázquez, via Wikimedia Commons

Chamois, NZ Goat-Antelope By Antonio Vázquez, via Wikimedia Commons



3 Responses to TPS 1: Introducing The Primal Shift

  1. Peter Eve's May 28, 2013 at 9:10 pm #

    Fantastic blog, I love the the Primal shift banner and the look. You girls have done an amazing job in putting all this together. I relate to your stories in the first podcast. I have been paleo for about two and a half years now and am still tweaking and adjusting, so I very much look forward to future ‘practical’ tips and advice.Thanks so much for your efforts and dedication to the cause.

  2. Charby Ibrahim, The Ancestral Body May 28, 2013 at 10:50 pm #

    Great stuff, guys. Congrats on the first show; I really enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing you all on the weekend.


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