TPS #77: The Value of Friendship


In this episode, Crystal and Jo have a chat about the value of friendship.

As ‘sisters from another mister’ they will share their own friendship journey as well as discussing how intimate friendships and strong social connections have played a vital part in human evolution.

We Chat About

  • Reflecting on our own friendships
  • How Crystal and Jo met
  • Finding like-minded (new) people
  • Using social media to connect with people – the pro’s and cons
  • Online personas vs authentic selves
  • How friends shape our mood, values, and habits
  • Benefits of friendship
  • Blue zones and friendship
  • The impact of social isolation
  • Quality over quantity in friendships
  • Vulnerability and authenticity
  • Evolutionary perspective on friendship
  • The culture of networking and referral systems (personally and professionally)
  • How to know when you’re in a toxic friendship
  • How to cultivate and nurture friendship when life is crazy
  • Caveman TV
  • The importance of face to face interactions
  • Think about the top five people in your life



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