TPS #78: Going Low-tox with Alexx Stuart from Low-Tox Life

nms_9222One of our primal shifts is the primal detox shift and it’s one of the more involved lifestyle shifts we can make, so today we have with us Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life.

Alexx is a health coach, recipe creator, avid researcher and an educator in the wellness space. She’s also worked in the cosmetics industry and hospitality industry. So she’s come into contact with a whole lot of toxins …and felt the health effects of that exposure.

Now Alexx is all about helping people make the best choices they can, and doing so happily without fear or guilt, when it comes to food, sustainable living, personal care & cleaning products.

We chat to Alexx about:

  • How Alexx’s past experience has influenced what she does now, and
  • How she came to make her primal shift and help other people make positive change
  • Consumer awareness driving accountability and change in the corporate world
  • 3 questions to ask yourself before buying: who makes it? how do they make it? do they align with my values
  • What low-tox living is – careful consideration for the foods we eat, the products we put on ourselves, the things in our environment and what goes on in our minds
  • What are all the different ways we can be bombarded by toxins in our environment?
  • In the home: Synthetic scents and air fresheners, dust, electrical devices, cleaning products
  • Natural aromas, essential oils, getting air flow through the house and switching the modem off overnight, looking into your products
  • Where people can start, some good first steps…
  • Detoxing from social media
  • What does Alexx’s daily routine look like now?
  • The benefits of earthing
  • Making conscious and low-tox choices for clothing
  • Alexx’s Go Low Tox Course



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