TPS #75 Emotional Eating and Deep Joy with Lulu Loya Wu

LuluIn this episode, we chat to Lulu Loya Wu all about the important, but often overlooked, role of emotions when it comes to eating.

Lulu is a certified Eating Psychology Coach. Addressing not only the lifestyle/nutrition factors, but also the deeper aspect of our relationship with food and our bodies. This helps people create lasting change and breaking free from the physical and emotional ups and downs of dieting and other struggles with health.
Lulu has a background in Law and treaty negotiations. It was her personal challenges with food and body that inspired her to become a coach.


We chat with Lulu about:

  • Lulu’s primal shift
  • The common struggle of disordered eating
  • Transitioning from a career in law to nutritional coaching
  • What is ‘Eating Psychology’?
  • The limitations of willpower when it comes to food restriction
  • Lulu’s approach with clients – living more in the body instead of the mind
  • Emotional eating is not abnormal
  • Our relationship with food is largely unconscious
  • Why Lulu thinks food addiction isn’t a real addiction
  • What tools does Lulu use with clients to help them get in touch with their unconscious drivers with food
  • Fizzy highs vs deep joy
  • How to cultivate deep joy
  • What does Lulu do to look after herself?
  • Yoga Nidra
  • How to start the journey – reaching out
  • Trusting intuition
  • Is eating ‘bad food’ with a good attitude better than eating ‘good food’ with a bad attitude
  • Highly sensitive people tend to have more digestion issues
  • What’s Lulu got planned for the coming year?




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