TPS #73: Best Health & Productivity Hacks with Guy and Stu from 180 Nutrition

256Today we are super lucky to have not 1 …but 2 fantastic guests with us …the founders of the awesome brand 180 Nutrition and the masterminds behind the industry’s cleanest protein superfood.

Guy and Stu are joining us today to chat about health, the business of health and productivity hacks.

Guy Lawrence has a ton of experience as a health and fitness coach …he loves Crossfit, TRX and jumping into icebaths

And Stuart Cooke is a graphic designer and father of 3 girls with a keen interest in health and wellness …and together they’ve made 180 Nutrition into a successful and thriving business!

We chat about:

  • What the go is with ice baths and controlled cold exposure
  • How the boys came to make their primal shift
  • And how they met, started their bro-mance and their nutrition empire
  • What makes their health business work so well
  • Why education and empowering people with knowledge is so important to them both (like with their health sessions podcasts)
  • Cutting through confusion, allowing for individualism and self-experimentation
  • What are the most common mistakes they see people making with their health and their expectations
  • Taking small steps and going from there
  • How the boys “walk their talk”, structure their day and manage everything they have going on with the business and their daily lives – Guy meditates, Stu makes sure he gets quality sleep
  • How Stu ensures a good night sleep – he shares his best tools and tips
  • Tips for switching off the internal business chatter
  • Guy’s best tips for forming the meditation habit
  • The relaxation response
  • Best productivity hacks – apps, planning, outsourcing, turning off notifications, checking email
  • What is one small thing people can do to get them moving in the right direction – in health and business
  • What’s coming up for 180 Nutrition?


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