TPS #71: Paleo and Real Food Trends with Irena Macri

Irena Macri The Primal ShiftToday we’re chatting with good friend of the show Irena Macri from Eat Drink Paleo.

Irena joined us back in Episode 23 to give us the low down on healthy travel hacks, so check that one out if you’re planning a trip…

But just to remind you, Irena is a bestselling author of the ‘Eat Drink, Paleo’ cookbook and her newest book Happy Go Paleo. She’s a contributor to the Happy Body Formula and is also an all round health nerd and global nomad who can find a decent coffee anywhere in the world!

We chat with Irena about:

  • What she’s been up to lately
  • How the Paleo movement is different in the UK, EU and AU
  • How Irena sees the “Paleo” label and how she eats
  • Trends in the health world: gut health was big in 2015, fibre is big in 2016
  • Fibre in buckwheat and resistant starch in potatoes
  • Meat free Mondays
  • How to properly prepare legumes and deactivate phytic acid
  • Raw food vs cooked
  • Souping vs juicing
  • Trends in the real food world: jackfruit, sweet potato toast, sourdough, buckwheat, seaweed pasta, turmeric, mushroom tea, Hawaiian foods, cloud bread
  • What’s the go with nut milk, is almond milk or macadamia milk good for us?
  •  What does an average day look like for Irena Macri?
  • Irena’s tips for distressing before bed and getting a good night’s sleep
  • Go-to meals and Irena’s tips for meal prep
  • The Happy Body Formula – next intake September 2016, then January 2017
  • 7-Day challenges ongoing



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