TPS #69: Uterus Love and Alignment with Barbara Loomis


Barbara Loomis

In this episode, we chat to Barbara Loomis, aka the Alignment Monkey, all about the uterus. We get into some in-depth discussions on how issues with the uterus can impact many other parts of the body that we often don’t think of as being related!  There’s also lots of good information on practical steps we can take to correct most of these issues for ourselves, or in conjunction with a qualified practitioner.

Barbara Loomis has a heartfelt enthusiasm for teaching people how to care for their reproductive and digestive organs through manual and movement therapies. She is an educator of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, a practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang and Visceral Manipulation as well as a Nutritious Movement certified Restorative Exercise Specialist. She helps women suffering from painful and irregular menstrual periods, fertility challenges, constipation, pelvic floor issues, Diastasis Recti and tipped uteri.

We Chat About:

  • Barbara’s journey into her current field of practice; including her close work with Katy Bowman
  • Barbara’s personal connection to her work
  • Chi Nei Tsang therapy applied to uterine care
  • What is a retroverted uterus?
  • What can we do correct a retroverted uterus?
  • How we store emotions in the body and the central role of the  abdomen
  • The benefits of abdominal massage
  • What is uterine congestion and how does this impact on hormone health?
  • the importance of whole body alignment in relation to uterine health
  • The impact of uterus alignment / positioning on fertility
  • What can we do to correct alignment and move more freely?
  • The relationship between a tight psoas and ovulation pain
  • How can the positioning of toes influence pelvic alignment?
  • The tyranny of tight clothing!
  • How can we learn self massage and self care techniques?
  • Breathing for better uterine health






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One Response to TPS #69: Uterus Love and Alignment with Barbara Loomis

  1. Sali McIntyre July 14, 2016 at 8:35 am #

    Hi there, I just listened to your podcast with Barbara Loomis. She is such an eloquent speaker and a great advocate for the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. You’re right. It is relatively unknown here, but there is a growing number of Arvigo® therapists in Australia. Probably twenty or so. I have recently trained as a practitioner and I also run the Self Care Level 1 course which is the entry level for those wanting to become an Arvigo® practitioner. I am doing one in Melbourne this weekend. In August there is a Professional Care course being held in Northern NSW. This means another 20 or so keen therapists launched into the world ! It is such great work. If your listeners wanted to find an Arvigo® therapist they can go to and search for practitioners in their area. I think Barbara may have said that. I enjoyed your pod cast. I came across it through Barbara Loomis’s website. Love and Blessings to you, Sali

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