TPS #68: Floatation Therapy with Tim George from The Private Sea

IMG_9314Jo and I have become floating nerds, so today we’re going to be talking floatation therapy with Tim George from the Private Sea floatation centre.

Tim and his wife Lynne discovered floating in mid 2014.  They were so impressed with the results of their float sessions that 5 months later The Private Sea was born.

Now with 3 tank rooms and a couples float room floaters are travelling from afar to relieve their stressed out bodies and minds in the mellow and calming environment of the float tanks.

Reports from customers are very positive with comments ranging from “its like being back in the womb” to “literally switched off from the world”. Floatation therapy allows your mind and body to completely relax like you have never done before. With sight, sound, touch, taste, smell removed and very little in the way of gravity and balance your mind gets to take a breath and take a well earned rest.

No, it’s not claustrophobic, no you can’t drown and yes everyone floats.

Jo, Tim George & Crystal

Jo, Tim George & Crystal

We chat with Tim about:

  • How he and Lynne got into floating and came to open their own floatation centre
  • What floatation is – sensory deprivation tanks – depriving you of your senses in a tank with 350kgs of epsom salt
  • What happens in a floatation session? The physiological side and the psychological side
  • Turning off the fight / flight response, emotional response
  • Going through theta state in the floatation tank – creative and learning zone
  • What health conditions floatation therapy can really help with – fibromyalgia, pain, sleep, sports injury prevention and recovery
  • Local research into the potential for floatation and fertility
  • What are the benefits of floatation? Pain reduction, clarity of thought, detox, for skin issues like eczema and psoriasis
  • Who shouldn’t float or when not to float
  • How to find your closest float centre

Put your Life on Pause - Tim George



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