TPS #67: How to Eat Mindfully & Intuitively with Holistic Nutritionist Joey de Backer

The Primal Shift with Joey de Backer

Jo, Joey de Backer, Crystal

Today we’re going to be talking mindful and intuitive eating with holistic nutritionist Joey de Backer from Living Nutrition

Joey is an accredited practising dietitian, holistic nutritionist and mindfulness teacher.

She believes that mindful and intuitive eating are the most important skills for any eater to develop …to be able to choose the right foods and amount of food without having to know much about nutrition.

Joey is passionate about helping people with their food choices and helping reconnect with the body’s signals.

We chat with Joey about:

  • How she came to make her primal shift
  • The myth of the perfect diet for everyone
  • Listening to your bodies cues about what to eat and how much to eat
  • Is my body going to ask for burgers and chips everyday?
  • Mouth hunger or psychological hunger vs real hunger
  • Transitioning to eating whole foods vs just eating a western diet mindfully
  • Getting more in touch with your body through movement, yoga, gardening to help you eat more mindfully
  • Dealing with cravings using mindfulness
  • Taking a 3-minute breathing space
  • How gut bacteria and stress might influence cravings
  • The more we resist the more things persist
  • What mindful eating and intuitive eating are
  • Keeping a food diary and rating level of hunger and satisfaction
  • We don’t feel satisfied by food if we’re doing other things while eating
  • The influence of posture and breath on our digestion
  • Most people eat very quickly, Joey shared some tips for slowing down our eating
  • Asking yourself what you want to eat when you go shopping and before a meal
  • Food waste and sustainability, why it’s important and tips for minimising wastage
  • Mistakes we can make with mindful eating




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