TPS #64: Reflections on our Health, Life and Mindset in 2015

In today’s episode Crystal and I are going to take some time to reflect on the year that was 2015.

We both had a lot adventures and fun last year. But naturally, there’s been some trials and tribulations as well!  

We’ll also give you a sneak peak into some of our personal goals for 2016!

We chat about:

  • Our road trip down the east coast of the South Island of NZ
  • How our approach to food and they way we eat has changed over the last year
  • Moving away from the “paleo” label, still following the principals of eating real food and bringing it back to what works for us personally
  • Reducing anxiety around food reactions and intolerances
  • Improving relationships with food
  • Crystal’s been dealing with elevated thyroid antibodies
  • Impact of stress on appetite and autoimmune
  • Making conscious choices around ‘green travel’ – Jo’s been biking to work and utilising car share schemes
  • Jo’s reflects on her yoga practice
  • Crystal started kickboxing again
  • Incorporating self care and relaxation practices to manage stress
  • Trying out Floatation in a floatation tank
  • Crystal tried out Faster EFT tapping and recognises the benefits of going home and spending time with family
  • Jo made progress with her endometriosis, using acupuncture and chiro
  • Jo has been able to move away from using pain medication for her endo and manage pain and symptoms naturally
  • Crystal is learning how to manage tasks, projects and her to-do list more effectively using a whiteboard and 3 most important tasks with rewards
  • Jo’s been delving into her personal values and what it means to be authentic
  • Prioritising time out for yourself and quality interactions with others
  • Being more compassionate towards yourself, Jo’s expectations of herself and investigating motivations
  • We dive more deeply into mindfulness
  • Jo’s been doing post-graduate studies in business management and leadership
  • Using ‘reframing’ techniques to help you move through work situations
  • Crystal is now working full-time on Ecology Skincare, launched a baby product and another podcast called Mind Body Beauty
  • Our plans and intentions for 2016, with this podcast and beyond
  • Morning routines, travel, new Ecology products, accountability groups, self care and gut health
Ecology Replenishing Mineral Bath Salt with Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt

Ecology Replenishing Mineral Bath Salt with Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt



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