TPS #63: Highlights from the AHSNZ Symposium, Part 3

In this episode, we bring you the final of our three part series from the AHSNZ International Symposium, held in Queenstown October 2015.


We Chat To:


andrewDr Andrew Dickson

Healthspiration and the psycho-sociality of everyday life: A discussion on the determinants and detriments of ‘health-at-all-costs’

Dr Andrew Dickson is organisational sociologist at Massey University, New Zealand. He is a graduate of biochemistry and business. His research expertise is in critical health studies, focusing mainly on the wider weight-loss industry, but also in applying a psycho-sociological lens to other ‘health’ industry topics including: the impact of managerial ideology; gender relations; ethics and embodied alienation in the sport sector.




Dr Ihirangi Heke

Atua to Matua: Maori Ecology and the Connection to Health and Physical Activity

Dr. Ihi Heke is currently a Maori health & physical activity consultant involved in a number of projects ranging from national health and physical activity initiatives funded by the Ministries of Education and Health to working in applied roles with elite athletes as a sport psychologist and strength/conditioner. Previously he has held lecturing roles in the School of Physical Education at the University of Otago, the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Prince Sultan University in Saudia Arabia and the Wananga o Raukawa.

Dr Heke is also a consultant to the New Zealand Academy of Sport delivering to several national sporting bodies including; Motorsport New Zealand, Cycling New Zealand, Motorcycling New Zealand and New Zealand Swimming Federation

karen1Karen Phelps

Signaling Theory: What Is Your Environment Trying to Tell You? How To Cut Through the Noise and Win at Life

Karen Phelps is a writer and marketing consultant from Ashland, Oregon USA. She discovered ancestral health principles in early 2011 and, having seen the benefits firsthand, is determined to share with others. She has worked for the Ancestral Health Society stateside, is a MovNat certified trainer, and has written and contributed to numerous ancestral health-minded podcasts, blogs, and articles.

The evolutionary mismatch lens allows her to see all sorts of culprits beyond diet and nutrition that affect us everyday, and because we live in a time of unprecedented choice, she wants to help everyone choose as wisely as possible


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