TPS #61: Highlights from The Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand Symposium Part 1

Crystal & Jo, The Primal Shift In October Jo and I were lucky enough to be a part of the first ever Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand (AHSNZ) Symposium in beautiful Queenstown.  

The symposium was put together by the AHSNZ Executive team headed up by President Jamie Scott and Vice President Dr Anastasia Boulais.

We joined over 130 people to listen to a dynamic and diverse range of speakers who gave us the latest information on ancestral health, sustainable living, urban design, and climate change …and it was a fantastic weekend!!

Participants were totally blown away by this event and I heard from many people that this was THE BEST health and wellbeing conference they had attended….so the bar has been set pretty high team!

But right now, you guys are in for a treat because in this episode we’re bringing you a little taste of what we heard over the weekend. Jo and I caught up with some of the speakers between talks to ask them a few questions.

We spoke with:

Good friend of the show and creator of the Primal Play method… 

Darryl Edwards


Darryl Edwards, founder of Fitness Explorer Training & Nutrition based in London, England is a blogger, international speaker, and author of Paleo Fitness: Primal Training and Nutrition to Get Lean, Strong, and Healthy.

After almost two decades working in investment banking as a computer scientist and increasingly suffering from illness, Darryl transformed his health after adopting an ancestral model to wellbeing by referencing our hunter-gatherer past. Instead of solving computer algorithms, he set about helping to tackle some of the problems that beset many individuals wanting to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst the global epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic lifestyle diseases.

As part of this mission, Darryl developed the PRIMAL PLAY methodology to inspire others to make activity truly fun while getting incredibly healthier, fitter and stronger in the process.

Darryl now devotes his time to helping others improve their ability to perform everyday, recreational and extraordinary tasks by eating and moving the way nature intended.

I did take part in one of those primal play sessions and it has heaps of fun, I was really surprised at how sore I was! – Crystal

We’ve got a special offer for you guys, Darryl has given us a copy of his newest book Paleo from A to Z to give away to one lucky listener.

To be in to win come over to the Primal Shift Facebook page and find the pinned picture of Darryl and Crystal at the top of the page and leave us a comment on that pic.

Tell us your favourite way to play. The giveaway will be open from the 3rd of December 2015 till the 17th December and the winner will be chosen at random and announced on the next episode of The Primal Shift.

Win this copy of Paleo A-Z

Find this pinned pic on Facebook and comment to win this copy of Paleo A-Z

Next we chatted with Osteopath Phillip Beach to chat archetypal postures and embracing life on the floor…

Phillip Beach


Phillip grew up in Sydney, Nigeria, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. When he was deciding on a career he went to London to study Osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Twenty-three years later he moved to Wellington.

His research interests revolve around three central questions. Firstly, how may we model whole organism movement patterns? There is remarkably little work being done on this central question. Secondly, what are the biomechanical drivers that are fuelling the endemic musculoskeletal distress found in our society? His presentation will introduce what he calls the Archetypal Postures of repose. Thirdly, what might the Chinese have been mapping with their enigmatic meridians?

I participated in one of those sessions and boy was I challenged by some of those simple floor postures, like kneeling and sitting cross legged …time for me to spend more time on the floor! – Jo

Then we caught up with Brad Norris who gave the keynote talk on day 1 about how our values influence our motivation towards doing the things that make us healthier…

Brad Norris


Brad Norris is the founder and director of Synergy Health Limited – a business that over the previous 15 years has developed a strong reputation for delivering effective workplace health promotion programmes to some of New Zealand’s largest and most successful businesses.

Brad’s formal education includes the completion of a Masters in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and a Diploma in Sports Studies.

And lastly we chatted with Melbourne based PhD candidate, Stephen Hamley…

Stephen Hamley

steven-hamleySteven Hamley is a PhD candidate at Deakin University in Melbourne. His research project is about the metabolic and physiological responses to a meal in healthy people (e.g. glucose metabolites and insulin signalling), to see whether this is altered in pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes and if so, whether these responses can be altered by a short term diet intervention.

For his honours thesis, his research group was the first to demonstrate that only 1 week of a simple diet switch completely reversed diet-induced glucose intolerance in mice, and then followed this up by investigating the metabolic and biochemical basis for the change. Steven’s honours thesis received the highest mark in the school, earning him two student prizes and a PhD scholarship.

Wow, what an awesome episode hey?

I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you, this is part 1 of a 3 part series from the New Zealand Ancestral Health Symposium, so stay tuned for the next episodes.

Win this copy of Paleo A-Z

Win this copy of Paleo A-Z

And remember to head over to the Primal Shift FB page to enter the giveaway to win a copy of Darryl Edwards latest book Paleo from A-Z …find the pinned picture of Crystal and Darryl at the top of the page and tell us your favourite way to play.

You’ve got till the 17th of December to enter and you’ll find out who the lucky winner is in the next TPS episode …good luck everyone!



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