TPS #60: Talking Paleo, Dining out and a new Paleo Magazine with Alison Sims

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Alison Sims, Paleo Foodies

In this episode Jo and I chat with Australia’s favourite Paleo Foodie, Alison Sims!

Alison is Passionate about real food and healthy living. She’s the lady behind the popular blog Paleo Foodies. Alison has also been eating her way around Australia in a bid to discover the best paleo dining experience. She is a regular contributor to health and lifestyle publications, a public speaker in food and health, and co-publisher of Australia’s first Paleo Magazine, the upcoming Paleo Foodies Magazine.

We chat with Alison about:

  • Dinner Party Planning
  • How Alison made her Primal Shift
  • It’s never an overnight change, its all about trial and error and experimenting to find what works
  • Seeing more and more cafes and restaurants with gluten free options and locally sourced ingredients on their menus – there is a change happening
  • Recipe creation  and an insight into Alison’s family background
  • The most common questions Alison gets and some of the challenges people have when starting a Paleo lifestyle
  • The place for paleo treats
  • Working with Scott Gooding on the upcoming Paleo Foodies Magazine
  • What to expect in the Paleo Foodies Magazine
  • Topics in the first issue – the relationship between between gut heart hand the mouth and also insulin
  • Contributors include Mark Sisson, Dr Loren Cordain and Irena Macri from Eat Drink Paleo, also Paleo chefs and food producers
  • Available in iTunes and the Paleo Foodies website from early December
  • Making the transition from her career in advertising and marketing to Paleo Foodies
  • New App called Paleo Paddock
  • Best places to eat around Australia
  • Best Paleo places to eat in Melbourne – Patch, Palate, Paleo Den, Feast of Merit
  • Best Paleo places to eat in Perth – Nature’s Harvest
  • Best Paleo places to eat in Brisbane – Primal Palate
  • Best Paleo places to eat in Canberra – Elemental
  • Best Paleo places to eat in Sydney – Bondi Whole Foods, Porch and Parlour, Little Kitchen
  • What Alison is whipping up for her Dinner Party



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