TPS 59: The Procrastination Dilemma: why we do it & how to stop!

yesterday deadline written on blackboardProcrastination is something we are all guilty of either some of the time or a lot of the time. This can be due to a variety of reasons and normally we eventually get round to tackling those outstanding tasks.

But sometimes procrastination can delay us making significant changes that we need to make in our lives. This can have a big impact on our happiness and wellbeing.

So today we are not going to put this topic off any longer… we are going to tackle ‘procrastination!’

Definition of Procrastination:

“To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness”

“To postpone or delay needlessly”

We chat about:

  • We even procrastinated doing this episode!
  • What is procrastination?
  • Why do we procrastinate?
  • How Crystal and Jo procrastinate: ‘procrastibaking’, social media and planning tasks
  • The two levels of procrastination
  • Evolutionary theories on procrastination
  • The link between procrastination and impulsivity
  • How does modern living compound procrastination?
  • Mark Manson: ‘Manson’s Law of Avoidance’
  • The impact procrastination can have on our lives
  • Strategies to overcome procrastination
  • ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’
  • Good enough is good enough
  • Managing expectations
  • Enjoy the process and don’t get so attached to the outcome
  • Be accountable
  • Manipulate your environment to optimise productivity
  • Be comfortable with discomfort
  • Set deadlines and rewards



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