TPS 58: Under the Influence with Clint and Aimee from Primal Influence

Jo, Clint, Aimee and Crystal

Jo, Clint, Aimee and Crystal

Today we have with us the Sunshine Coast’s most famous Paleo couple, Clint and Aimee from Primal Influence.

Clint is a Health and Fitness Coach & a MovNat Certified Trainer. teaching natural movement and primal play for kids and adults.
He loves watching whales, fishing and climbing trees and believes that “good health should be affordable and accessible to everyone”

And Clint’s primal partner Aimee, regularly hosts Paleo cooking demo’s and workshops, where people can even learn how to make gelatin, bone broth, and offal. She loves experimenting in the kitchen and getting out and about on the beach or in nature

Together they head up the Sunshine Coast Paleo Meet-up Group, where they offer a variety of different events and resources to help as many people as possible

Clint & Aimee from Primal Influence

Clint & Aimee from Primal Influence

We chat about:

  • How Aimee and Clint made their Primal Shift – from gluten free to grain free
  • Once they were feeling good eating Paleo, they looked at what else within the Paleo lifestyle made sense
  • Clint changing the way he trained clients in the personal training studio
  • Making movement fun and looking for opportunities to explore and challenge
  • Primal play with a back injury
  • Less is more – exercise less, but move more
  • Making movement affordable for everyone
  • How to make a Paleo/Primal diet affordable
  • Food is Free programs, food swaps and sharing information with your community
  • Best tips for busy people
  • What is forest bathing or forest therapy?
  • Benefits of forest therapy and being in nature
  • What does a forest therapy session look like?
  • Waking up naturally and house plants
  • Tips and ideas for starting to cook with offal (liver) – and not make it awful
  • Upcoming classes and workshops on the Sunshine Coast








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