TPS 56: Self Compassion

Heart self-compassionIn this episode, we talk about self compassion and why it can be a powerful tool for dealing with negative and self critical thoughts, which we know (from our ‘Think’ episode) can impact positively or negatively on our physical, mental and psychological well being.

Crystal and I will chat a bit about the theory behind self compassion and then how we can  incorporate this practice into our everyday lives.

We hope our chat helps you to start, or continue, a practice of self-kindness and self acceptance which will permeate every aspect of you life for the better.

Self Compassion

We chat about:

  • What self-compassion actually is – a component of mindfulness
  • Being aware of what we’re thinking about and replacing critical self thoughts with kinder, comforting, soothing self talk
  • The 3 elements of Self Compassion: Self Kindness, Common Humanity and Mindfulness
  • Loving Kindness, speaking to ourselves the way we would a good friend who was going through a rough patch instead of being harsh and critical of ourselves
  • Common Humanity, recognising that suffering is universal and realising that we are not alone in feeling the way we do
  • Mindfulness, sitting with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, noticing where they are in the body
  • Using guided meditations to be kinder towards ourselves
  • Feeling the feeling and self-soothing, putting your hand on your heart
  • Oxytocin and the mammalian care-giving system
  • Our bodies don’t make the distinction if we are touching ourselves or if someone else is touching us in comfort
  • Can hold your own arms or wrists to comfort self
  • Body language and power poses
  • Using self-compassion to improve your relationships with other people, being more compassionate and less judgemental
  • “Comparison is the thief of joy”
  • Self-esteem is often based on external reinforcement
  • Comparing and social media
  • Thinking …what’s the worst that could happen and whatever happens I’ll deal with it
  • Our self-compassion practices
  • Guided meditations, acknowledging that you’re struggling with something, body compassion and self care, taking the foot off the pedal
  • Giving self permission to take time out, massage, floatation, feeling the feelings, Faster EFT (tapping)
  • Primal Hit or Shit, should everyone practice self compassion?
  • Remember, it can be hard to do this!
  • Be kind to yourself and others!!


Comparison is the thief of Joy




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