TPS 55: Gut Health and the Microbiome with Jacqui Kirkland from Grateful Harvest

Jacqui from Grateful Harvest, Crystal & Jo

Jacqui from Grateful Harvest, Crystal & Jo

On this episode, Jo and Crystal chat with the vibrantly happy and healthy Jacqui Kirkland from Grateful Harvest all about Gut health and our microbiome. Jacqui is super passionate about whole foods and healing through lifestyle choices, which led her to found her company Grateful Harvest, supplying fermented foods and beverages and helping people make that connection between gut health and the health of their body and mind. Along this journey, Jacqui has connected with world class leaders in this area, sharing their work and allowing each of us to discover the potential for change held within.

We chat with Jacqui about:

  • Jacqui’s interesting and unconventional upbringing, including exposure to textured vegetable protein
  • How pregnancy prompted her to further investigate what she was eating and how she was living
  • Brewing her own Kombucha and investigating what Kombucha is, the benefits and what was myth and what wasn’t
  • Homeschooling
  • The pro’s and con’s of choice, including being overwhelmed
  • Crowding out the less desirable stuff
  • We are only 10% human and the current state of research into the gut and microbiome
  • The origins of fermented foods
  • How you create the right environment for fermenting foods
  • Microbes pre-digestive food for us, produce digestive enzymes, vitamins that the body can absorb, fatty acids
  • Being the custodians of our internal eco-system and what that means for us from a health perspective
  • How it all starts – from birth and breast feeding
  • How our micro biome affects our immune system
  • The gut sends more messages than the brain does – wow!!
  • Trusting what our bodies tell us
  • The potential connection between the gut, autism and inflammatory conditions
  • It’s all about the fibre, so eat more plants
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Chew your food properly and eating mindfully
  • Not being so germ phobic
  • What does a compromised system look like?
  • What to look for in commercially available fermented foods and beverages




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