TPS 52: Talking Acne with Clear Skin Expert Asha Evertsz

asha profile picToday we’re joined by Asha Evertsz, The Clear Skin Expert talking about clearing acne naturally without relying on synthetic hormones, antibiotics and skin stripping skincare.

Asha is a Naturopath, Skin Therapist, Corneotherapist and former acne sufferer who’s seen every type of acne and every type of acne cause. A self-confessed science nerd and biochemistry buff, Asha brings in the big guns – pathology and functional medicine …bang bang …with her acne treatments and education programs.

Asha loves to help people to learn the triggers that are unique to them, so that they are educated and confident with their skin and sassy selves! She can be found practicing from her clinical practice in Collins Street Melbourne, helping thousands of women with their skin stress.

We chat with Asha about:

  • Her experience with adult acne and treating it conventionally with the birth control pill
  • Going on a personal mission to help treat and heal her cystic acne and how acne can affect every facet of your life
  • Listening to the messages our skin is sending us
  • Working with a range of practitioners and getting support from friends and family
  • Studying Naturopathy and Natural Beauty Therapy
  • Omega 3’s, inflammation and pathology testing
  • What are some of the main causes of adult acne, it’s certainly not straight forward
  • Intense periods of stress most often precede major acne breakouts
  • Underlying inflammation and an underlying metabolic issue
  • A paleo diet is the most anti-inflammatory diet
  • Cortisol is the big instigator, hormones do play their part but it’s more of a metabolic issue that can affect insulin and sex hormones
  • Thoughts on dairy as a trigger for acne. High GI foods can trigger insulin and insulin like growth factors, increasing sebum production, inflammation and affecting the way skin cells shed
  • Testing – a full blood exam is helpful, including iron and B12, vitamin D, urinary profiles that look at cortisol and oestrogen, testosterone, DHT and progesterone
  • Zones of breakouts – jawline, chin and neck can be stress related, hormones, thyroid play a part
  • If breaking out elsewhere Asha will often investigate gut issues and potential parasite infections
  • Back and shoulder acne in males and some females
  • Common mistakes people make that can cause acne or make it worse and what to do about them
  • 1. Using harsh products or treatments, including those that contain benzyl peroxide (a lot of people present with a dry acne, not oily), fragrances, emulsifiers, clinical skin peels
  • 2. Getting on medication too early as a band aid (birth control pill and roaccutane)
  • 3. People trying to solve acne themselves without support
  • 4. Picking skin, it damages skin that is already inflamed and slow to heal and can cause longer term pigmentation
  • 5. Obsessing about skin, letting it take over your life and the negative self talk that goes with it
  • Recommendations for what to do when breaking out, topically and on the inside
  • Sleep is one of the best things you can do for your stress levels and your skin, you can’t buy sleep!
  • Eating to balance out blood sugar levels and get enough nutrients to the skin
  • 6-9 cups of veggies a day (rule of thumb – half of this as leafy green veggies and don’t skimp on starches), quality protein, bone broths
  • Not too much high intensity exercise, sweating is good for skin but if stressed going for more restorative exercise
  • Sugar and stimulants like coffee are not a good idea, especially if stressed
  • Drink lots of water




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  1. Karina Wharton December 14, 2016 at 6:11 pm #

    This was so interesting to listen to! Thank you for posting.

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