TPS 48: Natural Skin Care with Crystal Fieldhouse from Ecology Skincare

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Crystal Fieldhouse from Ecology Skincare

Today’s episode is all about Natural Skincare, a topic that’s close to Crystal’s heart and of course close to her skin!

We both fully believe that when it comes to skincare, simple is good ….and less is more, so we’ll chat about how we can simplify our topical skin care regimes.

And we’ll also be going deeper than skin deep and chatting about how we can take a more holistic approach to caring for our skin by nurturing our skin from within with good food and practices that reduce stress and tension, so we can all round live a little happier in our own skin.

We chat about:

  • Jo’s skin challenges, starting with eczema and dermatitis as a youngster and cystic acne in her early 20’s
  • Being gentle with skin and choosing products designed for sensitive skin, plus other diet and lifestyle measures
  • How common skin issues are
  • Crystal’s skin challenges, acne and dermatitis as a teenager and through early 20’s, worsening after glandular fever and tonsillitis
  • Being on the pill and antibiotics to control acne
  • Natural salicylates and histamines in foods can be an issue for eczema sufferers
  • Coconut oil on skin can be problematic, it’s not for everyone!
  • Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean your skin will love it
  • Why tallow is good for your skin
  • Our skin becomes drier as we age
  • The Ecology Skincare ethos
  • The potential problems with an overcomplicated skincare regime
  • Natural options for facial cleansing, including the Ecology Facial Konjac Sponge
  • Fragrances in skincare
  • Essential oils can also be problematic for some people
  • What to look out for on skincare labels
  • Less is more when it comes to skincare
  • The impact of stress on our skin
  • Visualisation for skin healing
  • Sleep and epsom salt foot baths for detoxification
  • Primal Hit or Shit: Sunscreen
Choose skin care that's free of toxic chemicals, like Crystal's Ecology Skin Care

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