TPS 45: The Primal Relax Shift

SDH_7044In previous episodes, we’ve shared our thoughts on taking a more primal approach to living in our modern world and shifting the way we eat, sleep, move, think, play and live so it’s more in line with our basic biology…with what our genes expect of us.

And we’re getting down to the last (and in our opinion) the toughest shifts now.
In this episode, Crystal, Jo and Charby share their thoughts and practices around the Primal Shift of Relax.

Crystal believes it’s relatively easy to change what you’re eating and get into an exercise routine …and so much harder to learn to relax and to make it a part of your daily routine.

Especially when today’s society is geared around being goal driven and task focused, it becomes a badge of honour to be busy.
You ask people how they are and so often the standard response is “yeah, I’m good…busy” Right?

We Discuss

  • Jo’s been getting into Yoga for energy and relaxation, she finds it a great form of mindfulness and often feels much lighter and calmer by the end
  • Calming the monkey mind and moving the nervous system into “Rest & Digest” or “Calm and Connect” as Chris Kresser calls it
  • Charby will often do a weights session or sprint session, as he feels relaxed afterwards
  • Deep breathing in the moment, slowing everything down
  • The things that bring a smile to your face also bring pleasure and relaxation
  • Being in nature, walking or lying under trees
  • Mindful walking and becoming more focussed, aware and connected
  • Ticking more than one box at a time: epsom salt baths, relaxing while cooking
  • Nourishing the heart and mind and treating this as importantly as nourishing your body with good food
  • Enjoying time with family and friends and time sitting in the sun
  • Don’t write off a whole day as being stressful, steal back some moments of pleasure and enjoyment
  • Sharing your deep breathing and relaxed energy with others
  • Why we sometimes seek distractions and what these are
  • Turning off notifications
  • Starting with relaxation rather than feeling like you have to earn it, Charby watches a film early in the week to recharge and become productive
  • The “Fun” work day, no admin just creative pursuits
  • How to integrate relaxation into your day
  • Having a healtho as opposed to a smoko
  • Using crutches to help you with relaxation and activities that bring you pleasure


Crystal relaxing on the beach

Crystal relaxing on the beach


Meditating in the face of distractions (thanks Andrew!)

Meditating in the face of distractions (thanks Andrew!)



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