TPS 44: Living off the Grid with Jo Smith from Primal Living

Jo Smith

Jo Smith

In this episode Jo & Crystal chat with good friend Jo Smith, from Primal Living, about her passion for real food and taking a natural approach to life. Jo actually ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to being self sufficient and living off the land.

Jo is a qualified nutritional coach, personal trainer, one time professional body sculpture and permaculture enthusiast.
Her passion is spreading the word on eating real food – improving the way we eat, connecting people back with food at its source, as well as building relationships with the farmer/ food producers. Jo wants us to re-connect back with nature, and to understand that the soil that grows our food, which supports our animals is the key in providing us essential nutrition.

Jo moved into the wellness space after 14 years in the pharmacy industry and was the organizer of the incredibly successful ‘Changing the Way We Eat Conference’ held in Tasmania August 2014 (check out ep 30 of TPS for highlights of this conference)

Jo shares her time between her 10 acre property on Bruny Island, Tasmania (with her two cheeky burmese cats!), and far flung Papua New Guinea where her partner is currently based.

We Discuss

  • What types of (and how many) animals does Jo currently have on Bruny Island with her?
  • Jo’s perspective on raising, killing and eating her own animals
  • Jo’s ‘Primal Shift’ experience: from ‘fixing people with medicine to fixing people with nutrition’
  • The impact of profession body building on Jo’s health
  • The reality of living off the land; challenges and rewards
  • The importance of staying connected with local communities
  • Future plans for the Bruny Island property
  • How everyone can live more simply and be connected to the food source
  • How Jo copes with moving between Tasmania and Papua New Guinea (PNG), and what has been the cultural experience for her?
  • Food costs in PNG and how Jo supported local farmers
  • Reflecting on the ‘Changing the Way We Eat’ conference
  • Jo’s experience with low carb dieting, and her recommendations for anyone wanting to make dietary changes
  • Jo’s current passion projects: perma-culture and food security


Jo digging up her own taties on her Bruny Island property.

Jo digging up her own ‘taties on her Bruny Island property.





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