TPS 39: How to be an Urban Forager with Jad Patrick and Alistair Kirkpatrick

Jad (right) and Alistair

Jad (left) and Alistair

In this episode we talk all things edible weeds and bush foraging for the modern urban Australian with our favourite resident Naturopath and Social counsellor Jad Patrick from Jad Patrick Naturopathy and his good buddy Alistair owner of AKAS Landscape architecture.

Alastair has 16 years experience working in horticultural fields, is a lecturer at RMIT, has collaborated with urban commons in an exhibit for Melbourne Now and run workshops around Melbourne about urban productive growing….and he loves his edible weeds!

Disclaimer: If in doubt about a particular weed, DON’T EAT IT! All weed foraging should be supervised by a trained expert

We chat with the boys about:

  • How we define a ‘weed’, and why there are negative connotation with the word?
  • What chick-weed is
  • ‘Paterson’s Curse’ or ‘Salvation Jane’? …it’s in the eye of the beholder.
  • Can weeds have the ability to fuse together like some fruit trees?
  • Can foraging for weeds improve our gut health?
  • The natural ability of animals to select ‘safe weeds’ based on smell, texture, and taste.
  • A handful of weeds that are commonly found in the average garden
  • Weeds indigenous to Australia, and weeds that we introduced inadvertently
  • The healing properties of different weeds
  • Why not look into your local foraging group?
  • How plants interact with an urban surrounding
  • How super-mushrooms can burst through freshly paved paths
  • What an ‘urban disturber’ is
  • Fat-hens will be making their way on your brunch plate in no time… and we’re not talking about chicken.
  • Weeds that we must protect, and those that we need to get rid of whilst protecting our natural ecology.
  • Dishes to prepare with common domestic weeds
  • Seed banks


Alistair helping Crystal find all the hidden delights in her garden

Alistair helping Crystal find all the hidden delights in her garden

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