TPS 38: Meghann & Andrew Birks from Paleo Cafe Mornington Peninsula


Meghann and Andrew Birks

Meghann and Andrew Birks

Today we have with us good friends of the show, Meghann & Andrew Birks from the Paleo Cafe Mornington Peninsula.
Meghann is a freelance writer (you might have seen her articles in Paleo Magazine) and on her blog Bam Pow Paleo, she enjoys yoga and surfing, especially if they can be done together.

Andrew is a Pastry Chef turned Paleo chef who loves, stand up paddle boarding, slack lining and creative handyman stuff

And together this dynamic duo have been passionately welcoming and feeding people in their crazy popular Paleo cafe for a whole year now (happy Birthday guys) and they are winners of the recent National Best Community Involvement award with Paleo Café !

TPS crew hang with Meghann and Andrew after our recording

TPS crew hang with Meghann and Andrew after our recording

We chat with Meghann & Andrew about:

  • Meghan and Andrew share how they turned their health and lives around
  • How Crohn’s disease turned a pastry chef into a paleo chef
  • How the cafe is a gateway to conversation and interaction with the local community
  • It’s all about finding the right doctor for you; somebody who ‘gets’ your needs
  • What on earth a ‘Whole 30’ is and why would one choose to do one?
  • Let’s focus on our individual journey when it comes to food… regardless of Paleo
  • How diet, food, nutrition can help heal the body and mind
  • It starts with food, but sleep and stress management play a significant part in wellness
  • Finding support from friends… and dealing with those who decide to challenge your choices
  • Does the recent popularity of the paleo lifestyle help or hinder the movement?
  • Celebrity chefs jumping on the bandwagon
  • Meghan gives us her take on food in schools
  • How we need to empower kids to make their own food choices
  • Why it’s important not to judge other parents – no matter what!
  • Some tips to manage every day stress with a busy lifestyle
  • The infamous ‘Primal Hit vs Primal Shit’ – Going strict paleo
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The Paleo Cafe, Mornington


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