TPS 36: Trade it for Bacon with Dan Walsh


The TPS Crew with Dan Walsh and our traded Bacon

Today we’re talking to Dan Walsh. Dan doesn’t follow a Primal lifestyle, and he very likely has never even heard of the Paleo Diet (how refreshing!)

But like so many paleo/primal folks, Dan loves bacon!

So much so, that he makes his very own, in his own private smoke-house, in his spare time, outside of his 9-5 job.
What’s more, Dan doesn’t sell the stuff – he TRADES for it over at

We get the inside scoop from Dan on all the amazing products and services he’s been offered for his bacon (and there’s been a few!).
Dan also gives us an insight into the craft of makin’ bacon. Listeners who take their bacon seriously will enjoy learning about the process Dan goes through to produce delicious, original and high quality bacon.


We chat with Dan about:

  • What ‘Trade it for Bacon’ is and who is the man behind this quirky concept?
  • The weird and wonderful things have people traded for bacon
  • Dan records a song, ‘Trade it for Bacon’ with Lizard Punch
  • The strong community developing around bacon
  • We talk about the ‘gift-economy’… the old-school barter system. That’s Primal!
  • Keeping the offers coming; the quirkier, the better!
  • What some people have traded for bacon
  • “There is bacon, then there is BACON” – quality is everything!
  • The importance of raising pigs well… and curing well.
  • What the deal is with nitrates and nitrites
  • How people can start making their own bacon
  • We traded a Podcast episode for bacon – there’s a first for everything!
  • What The Primal Shifters would trade for bacon
  • What on earth is crocodile bacon?
  • The infamous ‘Primal Hit vs Primal Shit’ – Can BACON be part of a balanced diet?


The Bearded Men. Dan Walsh from Trade it for Bacon and Andrew the TPS producer

The Bearded Men. Dan Walsh from Trade it for Bacon and Andrew the TPS producer

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