TPS 35: Keto Clarity with Jimmy Moore

KETO CLARITY front coverToday we have with us a special friend of the show, the man who is Livin’ La Vida Low Carb, Mr Jimmy Moore …Coming back for more.

We first met Jimmy while he was in the midst of his n=1 Keto experiment and watched in amazement every night when he ordered 3-4 bowls of butter at the restaurants “Saying bring me more butter than you’ve ever bought any one human in your life!”

We chat with Jimmy about:

  • The defibrillator!
  • Jimmy is on the way back to Oz (and first time to New Zealand!)
  • Jimmy’s new book Keto Clarity is a best seller in Australia right now! (Amazon)
  • Jimmy’s own N=1 experiment over the last 18 months
  • Brain health benefits of ketosis
  • What is ketosis?
  • Sugar burner vs fat burner
  • How excess protein can impact on ketosis (Gluconeogenesis!)
  • Difference between ketosis and low carb diets
  • Finding your carbohydrate tolerance level
  • Weight loss and fat intake
  • Is ketosis right for weight loss goals?
  • Weight loss beyond the diet approach
  • The use to ketosis to manage major health conditions
  • Ketosis to improve exercise performance
  • Ketosis and gut bacteria
  • Jimmy tries the Perfect Health retreat with Paul Jaminet
  • Artificially raising ketone levels with MCT oil, is Jimmy a fan?
  • How to safely transition to ketosis
  • Digesting higher levels of fat on a ketogenic diet
  • Expert support for ‘Keto Clarity’ (including a few Aussies!)
  • Who shouldn’t try a ketogenic diet?
  • Can we cycle in and out of ketogenic diets? (…and should we do it long term?)
  • Seasonality of ketosis
  • Are all carbohydrates created equal?
  • What’s Jimmy ‘cooking up’ next?





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