TPS 34: How to THR1VE with Josh Sparks from THR1VE

JOSH-SPARKS-CEO-THR1VE-BWToday, we chat to the man taking the real food meassage, to real life Aussies with his answer to McDonald’s… Josh Sparks, CEO of Thr1ve.

Thr1ve cafes have been popping up right across the country… If you’ve been following the Primal, Paleo, or Ancestral movements in Australia, or you just love eating real whole nourishing food – this really is the episode for you.


We chat about:

  • How TH1VE is a good alternative to McDonalds in food court fare
  • How Josh made his ‘Primal Shift’
  • …and how he got to hang-out with the Godfather of the Primal movement, Mark Sisson
  • Josh takes a serious leap of faith; out of the corporate world, and into the world of clean-eating cafes.
  • $1.50 for a boiled egg on the run?! THAT’S AWESOME!
  • How can we keep ‘clean eating’ affordable as well as convenient?
  • What ‘Paleo-Inspired’ means
  • Food quality tends to live on a spectrum, rather than ‘black and white’
  • Food courts needn’t be associated with poor food choices – Josh gives us his tips!
  • How Thr1ve is reducing their food ‘wastage’
  • Josh’s unique attitude toward ‘moving well’ and exercise.
  • What ‘The Body by Science’ routine is
  • Josh drops the F-bomb. What a legend!
  • Let’s all have a ‘warm bath for our minds’ – Josh Sparks
  • Let’s play, ‘guess how many kids Josh has’
  • How does Josh address ‘clean eating’ with his kids?
  • Josh WAS a self-confessed ‘Primal Evangelist’
  • “Primal / Paleo is NOT a historical re-enactment”
  • Primal Hit vs Primal Shift… What will it be?
  • HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Thr1ve are bringing out Mark Sisson in March 2015.


Links discussed in this episode:


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