TPS 33: Clean ‘Naked’ Living with Luke Hines & Scott Gooding

Luke and Scott with Charby at Thr1ve (Melbourne)

Luke and Scott with Charby at Thr1ve (Melbourne)

Luke Hines and Scott Gooding, also known as Luke and Scott, or ‘The Bondi Boys’ are really blitzing the suburbs to show Australia, not only how to ‘look great naked’, but also how to focus on health and wellness with lean, clean beach cuisine.

From where we’re standing though, it seems as though their TV appearance on ‘My Kitchen Rules’ was way more than just a flash in the pan!

It really was just the beginning… and they’re helping to bring the real food/paleo/primal message to such a broad audience.

We chat about:

  • How Luke stacked it on during the filming of My Kitchen Rules
  • How Luke and Scott reject the ‘celebrity’ tag and remain grounded
  • How Luke and Scott prepared to go on My Kitchen Rules
  • The guys tell us about their relationship with Chef Pete Evans
  • What the ‘Clean Living’ series all about
  • How the lads ‘switch off’
  • Even with everything Luke and Scott have achieved, they still love personal training
  • How exercise can look like meditation
  • How to make great food choices on the run… and on the road
  • Where is this Real Food / Primal / Paleo movement going?
  • Why making baby steps can be the best option in the real food transition
  • Paleo ‘treats’ are STILL TREATS
  • How do we talk to our kids when it comes to ‘eating clean’
  • The infamous ‘Primal Hit vs Primal Shit’ – ‘Looking good naked’


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