TPS 32: That Sugar Film With Damon Gameau


Damon Gameau and his partner Zoe

Today we have a film star in the mix…From the hit TV series Underbelly and feature films the Tracker, Thunderstuck and Razzle Dazzle we have locally grown Australian actor and director Damon Gameau…or is it Daman Gateau?

Now we all first met Damon when he was just wrapping up his ‘super size me’ style adventure and although at the time he was a bit tired and not at the top of his game, even staring down the barrel of a major detox, we were all struck by just how passionate this insightful man was about educating people, and especially school kids, about the dangers of sugar.

So committed in fact, that Damon has travelled the globe, speaking to researchers and experts all over the world, and volunteered to be a human pin cushion and experimental lab rat while eating the Australian average of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day, every day for 60 days.
And all of the hyjinks that ensued were captured on film for his upcoming “that Sugar Film” feature length documentary.

We chat about:

  • Damon confesses that he overhauled his diet… to impress a girl!
  • What on earth is ‘That Sugar Film’ all about? Hint – SUGAR!
  • How much refined sugar are Aussies actually eating every day? …NOT including ‘junk-food’
  • Damon Gameau becomes a human guinea-pig, and creates the ‘perfect storm’ for poor health, in the name of science
  • Is there a link to sadness, anxiety, and depression and the ‘sweet stuff’?
  • Damon tells us how quickly he became quite unwell… by following the Aussie Food Guidelines.
  • “Dear Sugar – It’s me, it’s YOU!”
  • Turns out sugar can even affect out sleep – WHAT?!
  • Is processed food really much cheaper than whole food in the long-run?
  • How are our purchasing choices being manipulated?
  • What do words like ‘vanishing caloric density’ and ‘moderation’ actually mean?
  • Food labelling can be a confusing maze for most – what does it all mean?
  • Is fatty liver disease always alcohol related? Hint – NO!
  • How do we get this message to the masses… to families… to kids?
  • Why schools should stop rewarding kids with junk-food
  • Damon tries to penetrate the ‘Quinoa Curtain’
  • This really is a modern day ‘Damon vs Goliath’
  • Cutting out refined sugar doesn’t have to be extreme or dogmatic
  • How is refined sugar affecting Aboriginal Australians?
  • Is there such a thing as a ‘good dad joke’… we’ve got you covered
  • Damon decides to give up sex… not really. He does get his ‘mojo’ back though.
  • The infamous ‘Primal Hit vs Primal Shit’ – Super-foods
The Primal Shifters with Damon Gameau

The Primal Shifters with Damon Gameau

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