TPS 31: Highlights from The Low Carb Down Under Event in Melbourne

Facebook_timeline_photoThe Primal Shift Crew felt like kids in a candy store (umm… or should I say organic whole foods) recently when we attended the Low Carb Down Under seminar in Melbourne on the 30th of August.
When do you get the chance to talk one on one with the likes of Tim Noakes, Pete Evans and many more thought leaders in the field of science and nutrition!?

Unfortunately due to timing constraints, we didn’t get a chance to interview everyone who presented on the day. However, we’ll follow up with many of the presenters for in-depth interviews in due course.

We chatted with…

Tim Noakes

Professor Tim Noakes

Professor Tim Noakes: A well known South African professor of exercise and sports science at the University of Cape Town. He has run more than 70 marathons and ultramarathons, and is the author of the running book Lore of Running. Over recent years he has written and spoken widely about LCHF. His latest book is “The Real Meal Revolution”



Dr Grant Schofield

Dr Grant Schofield:  Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology and director of the university’s Human Potential Centre (HPC) located at the Millennium Campus in Auckland, New Zealand. Research and teaching interests include wellbeing and chronic disease prevention especially reducing the risk and eventual mortality and morbidity from obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Grant lives by the motto “be the best you can be” and have a strong commitment to peak performance in which he also does consulting work.


Pete Evans

Pete Evans

Chef Pete Evans: A well known celebrity chef who loves speaking about healthy eating. One of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking and lifestyle, he loves to share his knowledge and educate and motivate parents, children and corporate audiences. Pete will launch his new free to air television show “The Paleo Way” on Channel Seven October 2014.


Jo Smith

Jo Smith

Jo Smith: A nutritional coach who’s passion is spreading the word on eating real food – improving the way we eat, connecting people back with food, where it comes from, how we eat it, how we waste it and building relationships with the farmer/producer.  Primal Living re-connects us back with nature, helping everyone to understand that the soil that grows our food, which supports our animals is the key in providing us essential nutrients.


S Lowe

Steph Lowe

specialise in long course fuelling, high performance weight loss and personalised nutrition for enhanced performance and recovery. As an endurance athlete myself, I get it. Let me show you how – See more at:

Steph Lowe: A sports nutritionist and triathlete  who offers specilaised support in the areas of long course fueling, high performance weight loss and personalised nutrition for enhanced performance and recovery.

Professor Ken Sikaris

Professor Ken Sikaris

Associate Professor Ken Sikaris is a chemical pathologist at Melbourne Pathology. He is a Senior Fellow of St Vincent’s Clinical School and a Clinical Associate in Biochemistry at the University of Melbourne.


Dr Simon Thornley

Dr Simon Thornley

Dr Simon Thornley is an epidemiologist and Public Health Physician working at the University of Auckland. He has an interest in the effects of sugar and low carb lifestyles from a public health perspective.




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