TPS 29: Modern Stress & Our Primal Minds with Jad Patrick

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Left to Right: Crystal, Charby, Jad & Jo

In this episode one of our  favourite and brainiest guests, Naturopath Jad Patrick returns to have a chat with us about our primal minds.
Jad is our resident primal shift go-to practitioner, who can be counted on to answer a lot  of our random questions about resistant starch, poo and mindset.

He joined us in Episodes 10 and 13 where we talked about digestion, food sensitivities, intolerances and FODMAP’s… So go back and have a listen, if you haven’t already, Jad really knows his shit!
Which is why we picked his brain about the evolutionary basis of why we tend to focus on the negatives, the fight-flight stress response and how we can harness the mind-body connection.

We chat about:

  • How our outlook can impact our mental and physical health
  • How emotions are linked to the food that we eat
  • Is stress always a BAD thing? What does GOOD stress look like?
  • Why do we feel the need to ‘control’?
  • Can food choices put us in a stress state?
  • Why we might be hard-wired to have a negative mindset from an evolutionary point of view
  • Where does anxiety come from, and can it manifest in a positive way?
  • The importance of having hobbies, and how to get started!
  • Have some of us lost the ability to experience ‘JOY’?
  • Are we searching for meaning when we associate and identify so strongly AS ‘Paleo’, ‘Vegan’, ‘Vegetarian’, etc?
  • Why do humans crave ‘belonging’?
  • Why do we create unnecessary drama in our lives?
  • Human beings are constantly drawing comparisons between one another – WHY?
  • What is a Blue-Zone, and why do people in these regions live so long, AND THRIVE!?
  • What on earth is ‘biophilia’?
  • Does the brain really know the difference between a REAL experience and an IMAGINED experience?
  • The links between REAL, WHOLE, NOURISHING FOOD, and avoiding anxiety and depression.
  • What are Jad and The Shifters grateful for today?
  • Health, wellness, and happiness is about so much more than just food.
  • The Shifters make up another new word… ‘Digi-philia’
  • Primal Hit OR Primal Shit – What is it?
Crystal meditating overlooking the vineyards of Marlborough, NZ

Crystal meditating while overlooking the vineyards of Marlborough, NZ

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