TPS 27: The Primal EAT Shift



In this episode we have a very candid chat about another one of the Primal Shifts – of which there are 7: Eat, Sleep, Move, Think, Play, Relax and Detox.

‘EAT’  is generally the gateway shift.
The one that we all tend to start with ….and the one that leads us to really jump down the rabbit hole.

It’s probably no surprise to listeners that the three of us eat variations of a Paleo / Primal template, and we love having nerdy discussions about food hacks, macro/micro-nutrient ratios, gut health and everything in-between…but that’s really where the similarities end.
Which is the way it should be, we’re all individuals with unique needs.

(And when you think about it, the hunter gatherer diets or traditional diets from around the world are incredibly diverse…about the only diet that people DON’T thrive on is the Western Diet, full of processed foods and chemicals.)

Our discussion goes BEYOND Paleo as we explore ALL the things that have an impact on what we eat and how our bodies respond to food..Because there is so much more to it than just the physiological act of eating

We chat about:

  • What the Primal-Shifters actually eat?
  • If we all eat from a ‘Paleo or Primal’ template – how can what we all eat so differently?
  • What!? You guys eat pizza?
  • What is whole, real, nourishing food?
  • There is so much more to this lifestyle than just food!
  • The importance of flexibility within different nutritional templates
  • Dropping the dietary and nutritional DOGMA!
  • Sometimes we have to ‘shut the door’ on some foods for a while… but is it a life sentence?
  • Repairing our relationship with food.
  • Food is NOT a religion!
  • Can we ‘over-hack’ our diets?
  • We invent a word – ‘hista-maniac’?
  • Why is ‘how’ we eat so important?
  • Sharing meals with family and friends can ‘feed’ another type of need
  • We all need to find what works for US
  • What language do we use around food?
  • The problem with labelling food – ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ food
  • “Eyes on your own plate” – #hashtag that shiz!
  • Cravings are not evil – YOU’RE NOT A CRIMINAL!
  • It all starts with home cooking – Be ok with the ‘faleo’ meal
Jo baking up a storm at TPS HQ

Jo baking up a storm at TPS HQ

Crystal eating her lunch on the beach

Crystal eating her lunch on the beach

Links discussed in this episode:

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Primal Living Tasmania ‘Changing The Way We Eat’ Health and Wellness Conference 
Low Carb Down-Under ‘Low Carb Nutrition’ Seminar
Diane Sanfilippo ‘Keep your eyes on your own plate’
Ecology Skin Care
Eating Well Out
The Ancestral Body

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