TPS 26: The Primal MOVEMENT Shift

The Primal Shifter's "Hanging Out" on a walk to Bushranger Bay on the Mornington Peninsula

The Primal Shifter’s “Hanging Out” on a walk to Bushranger Bay on the Mornington Peninsula

It’s no secret that the vast majority of us can afford to move a little more. Sadly, we’re caught behind our desks, shoulders rounded, staring at our screens all day long.

So in this episode, we’re talking all things movement and exercise.

We tend to focus in on the ‘food thing’, maybe even dabble in the sleep, stress, and play thing… but motivation for the movement and exercise thing can fall by the wayside.

This show isn’t about guilt, it ain’t about pointing the finger, STUFF THAT NONSENSE!

Many of us have done it, ever bought a gym membership in the first week of January; you’re totally motivated and gung-ho about it all, with your new lulu-lemon tights, shiny kicks, and a brand-spanking new gym towel and water bottle… only to find your motivation waning by the time February rocks around? Bugger……another $1000 down the drain. What’s with that man?

Before you throw in the towel, let’s look at what’s out there is the world of primal movement, what you can do in your own home or at a park, and what The Primal Shifters do to stay active and keep their body young and able.

We chat about:

  • Whether you’re a Primal / Paleo geek or not, we can all afford to move a little more.
  • Let’s move like kids again; they tend to have PERFECT squat form!
  • What do The Primal Shifters do for movement each day, week, month?
  • Finding ways to move more throughout the day and forming new movement habits
  • We talk ‘mindful walking?’
  • Sometimes we just need to take a break… rest, recover, and make a comeback when we’re ready
  • We can all start with a stroll, can’t we?
  • Incidental movement can be just as important as setting aside time for a workout
  • What are the 6 functional movements that we can incorporate into our routine
  • Have we become less flexible, and can we correct this?
  • Let’s keep our kids out of chairs and seats for as long as possible – to keep them flexible longer.
  • We go through some manageable tips to get moving again?
  • We talk about Tim Ferriss (AGAIN), Paul Chek (AGAIN), and The Wellness Guys (AGAIN)
  • Can workplace and corporate wellness programs be beneficial?
  • How can standing more during the day keep us flexible?
  • Michael Moore starts a walking ‘movement’ that’s NOT about burning calories
  • What we think about ‘Fitspiration’ quotes. “Go hard – or go home”… I don’t think so!
  • What’s the deal with Cross-fit, and is it safe?
  • How about Parkour, Ido Portal, and MovNat?
  • Should women lift weights? …are women human – THEN YES!
  • Find some movement that you LOVE!
  • Today’s ‘Primal hit – Primal shit’… endurance training.


Charby getting into some tabata sprints

Charby getting into some tabata sprints

Jo 'strinking a pose' while hiking

Jo ‘striking a pose’ while hiking

Crystal heading out for a swim in the bay


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