TPS 16: Chatting With Primal Doc Zeeshan Arain

Dr Zeeshan Arain

Dr Zeeshan Arain

In this episode we chat to one of The Primal Shift’s good friends, Dr Zeeshan Arain.

Dr Z (as we’ve come to call him) worked in the Accident and Emergency Department of Box Hill Hospital before making the switch to General Practice 10 years ago. He has also completed a Masters in Public Health and Tropical Medicine at James Cook University, sounds exotic!

Dr Z is also currently the head doctor for the Melbourne Demons in the AFL, and can assure us that their performance on the field has nothing to do with the medical attention that they are receiving.

Dr Z has a fierce passion for the role of nutrition in weight loss as well as the prevention and management of diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol disorders, high blood pressure and heart disease. In particular, Z is interested in ketogenic and low carb high fat (LCHF) approaches as a nutritional and therapeutic tool.

Z’s journey is also one of personal transformation where he went from 110kg in April 2010 to 82 kg by August 2011… and he ain’t afraid to flaunt the ripped torso.

Zee before and after embarking on his ketogenic diet

Zee before and after embarking on his ketogenic diet

We chat with Dr Z about:

  • How and why he flipped his lifestyle around
  • Taking a look at the science behind low carb and ketogentic living
  • What is a ketogenic diet?
  • Does the brain really need glucose? Fuel partitioning.
  • What does Dr Z eat?
  • What does ‘metabolically broken’ mean?
  • What implications does this have for chronic illness?
  • Food in the first instance – medication as a back-up
  • How people are driven by their symptoms
  • Statin drugs, inflammation, cholesterol, and heart disease
  • Is ketosis for everybody?
  • What are the implications for PCOS?
  • Stressing less about your ‘healthy lifestyle’.
  • Finding our ‘Sweet Spot’ – where we all fit when it come to carbohydrate tolerance
  • Dropping the Paleo in-fighting
  • How do Dr Z’s colleagues respond to his ‘lifestyle’?
  • Doctors should be prepared to be challenged by patients
A typical 'keto' meal for Zee. Does this look like 'dieting' to you?

A typical ‘keto’ meal for Zee. Does this look like ‘dieting’ to you?

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