TPS 15: Getting Wild With Abel James, The Fat Burning Man

Abel James, The Fat Burning Man

Abel James, The Fat Burning Man

To say that we were excited at the prospect of interviewing this guest would be an understatement to say the least!
The Primal Shifters have been following this man for quite some time.

Our guest today is none other than
Abel James.

He’s the author of The Wild Diet, The Musical Brain, and Intro to Paleo.
He has recently developed a Paleo Cooking App called, Caveman Feast, with his great mate, George Bryant from Civilised Caveman.

Abel is the host of the wildly popular, Fat Burning Man Show and is a serial Entrepreneur, with a serious man voice to boot.
Abel is also a singer song-writer, who has done loads of touring around the traps. He completed high school and Uni in just under six years.

Hailing from the frosty backwoods of New Hampshire, Abel James lives with his Rambunctious Yellow Lab, Bailey, in Austin Texas.
Abel enjoys strong coffee and cheese cake, preferably together.
He’s a man who was making the big bucks in the corporate game and decided to walk away with nothing but the clothes on his back, quite literally, in order to follow his passion in health and wellness.

When you eat well, when you live well, when you’re healthy… you are randy, and it’s AWESOME!” ~ Abel James, The Fat Burning Man

Abel James, The Fat Burning Man. Before & After

Abel James, The Fat Burning Man. Before & After

We chat with Abel about:

  • How he left the corporate world and delved into the world of health and wellness
  • Coming back from hitting rock bottom
  • Life changing moments, and how we respond
  • How human case-studies and stories can trump conflicting nutritional literature
  • How to get healthy by exercising less and eating more
  • Implications of visualisation and gratitude on success
  • Does having the perfect body make us happy?
  • Why Paleo has a PR problem. Finding what works for you.
  • Bio-hacking and N=1 experimentation
  • Tracking your own progress
  • Male hormones, testosterone, libido, and lifting heavy shiz
  • Andro-pause and Mano-pause
  • Body fat fluctuations through the seasons
  • A six pack will get you killed in a famine
  • Male body image issues – Let’s talk!
  • Charby confesses to drinking a beer, and sticks it to the Paleo Police
  • How to shred fat – Food quality over quantity
  • How music and a primal lifestyle are complementary
  • What on earth is Krav Maga?
  • Why we should stand up more
  • Charby forgets to do ‘Primal Hit or Shit’…Faleo!

We weren’t designed to be fitness models, we were designed to survive!” ~ Abel James, The Fat Burning Man

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