TPS 11: Cholesterol Clarity with Jimmy Moore

Cholesterol Clarity FINAL Cover

Cholesterol Clarity

In this episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with our special friend of the show and the ‘King of Ketosis,’ Mr Jimmy Moore about his new book, Cholesterol Clarity, What the HDL is Wrong with my Numbers?

Jimmy is one of the top health-related podcasters in the world, having interviewed over 700 of the world’s leading health experts on his super popular Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show.

Jimmy is a strong advocate for the low-carb ketogenic lifestyle and is currently planning his second visit to Australia in 2014…hooray!!

We know a lot of people will be excited about catching Jimmy next time he’s here, so stay tuned for more details!

In this episode, we get to know Jimmy a little better and take the opportunity to thank him for his support of The Primal Shift Podcast.
It was Jimmy’s encouragement that sparked the brainstorming and grand planning for this podcast in Byron Bay, a little under a year ago…we certainly would not be where we are today without that initial push in the right direction!

A 'keto-breakfast' with Jimmy & Christine in Byron Bay November 2012

A ‘keto-breakfast’ with Jimmy & Christine in Byron Bay November 2012

We chat with Jimmy about:

  • Frisbee golf
  • The differences in food quality and food availability between Australia and the US
  • Jimmy’s own weight loss journey, including the personal loss of his brother
  • Why we need some clarity on the issue of cholesterol
  • Why cholesterol is considered to be a ‘dirty’ word
  • Why we all need cholesterol to be happy and healthy
  • The importance of becoming an expert on your own health
  • Statin drugs for lowering cholesterol
  • The difference between ‘good and bad’ cholesterol and what numbers you should really be looking out for
  • Triglycerides
  • Big fluffy LDL particles vs small dense LDL particles and why it matters
  • What the best diet is for heart health
  • Which tests are important to get to accurately measure cholesterol levels
  • The impact of stress, sleep and inflammation on cholesterol levels
  • How Jimmy manages stress
  • Jimmy’s approach to movement and exercise
  • Why there is a divide in the medical profession about cholesterol and what can be done about it
  • Jimmy’s view on calories
  • Do we need fibre?
  • Intermittent fasting and Jimmy’s next project

Jimmy at the Byron Bay farmer's market Nov 2012. He was amazed at the huge tomatoes!

Jimmy at the Byron Bay farmer’s market Nov 2012. He was amazed at the huge tomatoes!

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