TPS 18: The Whole 9 Yards with Jamie Scott and Anastasia Boulais

Jamie Scott & Anastasia Boulais, Whole 9 South Pacific

Jamie Scott & Anastasia Boulais, Whole 9 South Pacific

There is a certain feeling of isolation that we all seem to share when we decide to opt out and unplug from the norms of society. It is a strange sensation to eat only real food, to shun fake food, to stand rather than sit, to walk rather than jog, to sprint rather than run, to look for things to pick up and carry rather than wheeling it, to climb rather than keep two feet firmly on the ground, to worship and respect the sun rather than shun it with chemical blockades, and to maintain proximity to a bed rather than a television just after sundown – and to have all of that viewed as fringe, weird, bizarre, faddish, and altogether abnormal” ~ Jamie Scott

jamie-scott-picture-2.jpg?w=588Jamie Scott

Originally hailing from NZ, Jamie is not just a pretty face but holds numerous post graduate qualifications in exercise, sports science, and nutritional medicine.
Although Jamie has worked in the health profession for over 15 years, he moved to an ancestral lifestyle in recent years and is the ‘voice of reason’ behind the blog ‘That Paleo Guy’.
Jamie doesn’t mince his words and has the ability to cut through the crap by applying a rigorous scientific framework to primal debates.
His pet peeves include celebrity nutritionists, Australia’s take on EFTPOS transactions and ‘sex with your pants on’

9887a3008a2d5536542214065a50142c-225x300Anastasia Boulais

Anastasia is a newly graduate Dr and self-proclaimed non-conformist taking a broader lifestyle approach to her profession in medicine. She balances her medical background with her love of fitness and isn’t afraid of sun worshipping and a quality steak.
Anastasia is fast becoming one of the thought leaders in the ancestral health field across the trans-Tasman and international arenas.
She is the brains behind the popular blog which she describes as her ‘attempts to reconcile conventional medical wisdom with primal evolutionary concepts, using her curiosity, scepticism and inability to follow the crowd’

Together this primal couple front the successful Whole9 South Pacific workshops and are about to head back to the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ to launch the Ancestral Health Society of NZ.

We Chat with Jamie & Anastasia About:

  • Questioning conventional nutritional advice
  • Reconciling conventional medical training with what happens in the real world
  • Calories in vs calories out
  • Mistakes made when starting a Paleo Diet or lifestyle
  • Reductionist thinking when it comes to carbs and exercise
  • The 6 S’s – Sunlight, Slow movement, Seasonality, Sex, Socialisation, Stress resistance & Sleep
  • The role of sleep hacks like blue blockers and supplemental melatonin
  • The mismatch between our biology, physiology and our modern lifestyles
  • The basics are not very sexy…well, they aren’t!
  • Whole30 is a reset not a miracle weightloss solution. It is a diet hack that will not make up for a lack of sleep and stress overload
  • Cellular vs acellular carbohydrates and differences in carb tolerances
  • Seasonal eating and carbs
  • Seasonal fluctuations in body fat
  • Fuel partitioning for athletes
  • Carbs for women
  • The Ancestral Health Society of NZ
  • Vasectomies
  • Hormone replacement therapy and the Pill

Links discussed in this episode:

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5 Responses to TPS 18: The Whole 9 Yards with Jamie Scott and Anastasia Boulais

  1. Katie February 26, 2014 at 8:24 pm #

    Guys, on the birth control issue, you really need to familiarise yourself with FAM. Totally effective when done properly, very primal compatible, and only requires abstainance/barrier 3 days a month. Was very surprised your esteemed guests were not familiar with this!

    • Jo Fitton February 27, 2014 at 12:15 pm #

      Hi Katie,
      Thanks for listening to the episode and providing this comment, we appreciate your feedback. We did not intend to have an indepth discussion about family planning options during our conversation with Jamie and Anastasia. Our question to Jamie related directly to his blog post which you can read here, (which is about his personal choice to undergo a vasectomy).
      Cheers, Jo

    • Anastasia February 27, 2014 at 12:30 pm #

      Dear Kate,

      You raise a valid point. FAM is a subject that I am not an expert in, and I generally refrain to shoot my mouth off in an unfamiliar area. To be fair, the question was phrased specifically about the OCP and later on vasectomy, more of a personal issue for us. All in all family planning is a huge topic of its own and we are definitely not the experts to be able to address it fully! Maybe you can direct the listeners to a reputable source on FAM? Thanks for listening.

      • Anastasia February 27, 2014 at 12:31 pm #

        Sorry, Katie not Kate. Typing on the move is always a bad idea :)

  2. Jo Frasca December 11, 2014 at 8:08 am #

    I work as a psychotherapist and frequently with people in pain. I am reading your food program deals with ‘inflammation’. I am interested in attending any seminars or lectures here in AU or the US. Could you please send me listings if anything coming up.
    Best regards Jo Frasca

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