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TPS 44: Living off the Grid with Jo Smith from Primal Living

In this episode Jo & Crystal chat with good friend Jo Smith, from Primal Living, about her passion for real food and taking a natural approach to life. Jo actually ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to being self sufficient and living off the land. Jo is a qualified nutritional coach, personal trainer, one time […]

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TPS 41: Ancestral Workplace Wellness with Brad Norris from Synergy Health

On a recent roadtrip down the South Island of NZ, Jo and Crystal met fellow kiwi Brad Norris in his workplace, Synergy Health. Brad has a masters in industrial and organizational psychology and a diploma in sports studies and he’s built his business, Synergy Health, from the ground up, over the last 15 years. Brad […]

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TPS 33: Clean ‘Naked’ Living with Luke Hines & Scott Gooding

Luke Hines and Scott Gooding, also known as Luke and Scott, or ‘The Bondi Boys’ are really blitzing the suburbs to show Australia, not only how to ‘look great naked’, but also how to focus on health and wellness with lean, clean beach cuisine. From where we’re standing though, it seems as though their TV […]

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TPS 30: Highlights from ‘Changing the Way We Eat’ Conference in Tasmania

In this episode we give you a taste of the amazing line up of speakers from the recent ‘Changing The Way We Eat’ conference held in Hobart (Tasmania). This event was orgnised by the dynamic and super human that is Jo Smith from Primal Living Tasmania. Charby and Jo had a quick chat to each […]

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TPS 28: The Primal EAT Shift – Part 2

Welcome to part two of the EAT shift, which is all about celebrating food!! We explore the many weird and wonderful ways to make eating fun, adventurous and most importantly…. delicious!   We chat about: What do the Primal-Shifters actually eat? – Part TWO! Adding new and unfamiliar herbs and spices to a dish can keep you from getting bored Experimenting with the […]

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TPS 27: The Primal EAT Shift

In this episode we have a very candid chat about another one of the Primal Shifts – of which there are 7: Eat, Sleep, Move, Think, Play, Relax and Detox. ‘EAT’  is generally the gateway shift. The one that we all tend to start with ….and the one that leads us to really jump down […]

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TPS 22: Merging Good Health with Dr Wes Ang and Naturopath Kate McCandless

Today we chat with Merge Health duo Dr Wesley Ang and Naturopath Kate McCandless. These guys are definitely giving Jamie Scott and Anastasia Boulais a run for the title of hottest wellness couple in Australia… and very likely the WORLD! Dr Wesley Ang is a progressive GP who realised that conventional therapies were not producing […]

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TPS 17: A Trip to the ‘Dark Side’ with Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness

“He is a Video Blogger, Radio Show Host, a kick ass Educator, and he isn’t afraid to have a good time out on the town… with a gluten free beer!” The crew at The Primal Shift have been following this man’s work for quite some time. He is none other than one of the Godfathers […]

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TPS 15: Getting Wild With Abel James, The Fat Burning Man

To say that we were excited at the prospect of interviewing this guest would be an understatement to say the least! The Primal Shifters have been following this man for quite some time. Our guest today is none other than Abel James. He’s the author of The Wild Diet, The Musical Brain, and Intro to […]

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TPS 13: Food Sensitivities and Primal Living with Naturopath Jad Patrick, Part Two

Welcome to part two of our chat with Naturopath Jad Patrick, where we drill down on the topics of food allergies, gut health and how these relate to living primally. This episode was almost renamed the ‘poo episode’ because of our candid conversations about all things ‘bowel’ related. If nothing else, by the end of this episode you’ll have a better understanding […]

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