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TPS 33: Clean ‘Naked’ Living with Luke Hines & Scott Gooding

Luke Hines and Scott Gooding, also known as Luke and Scott, or ‘The Bondi Boys’ are really blitzing the suburbs to show Australia, not only how to ‘look great naked’, but also how to focus on health and wellness with lean, clean beach cuisine. From where we’re standing though, it seems as though their TV […]

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TPS 27: The Primal EAT Shift

In this episode we have a very candid chat about another one of the Primal Shifts – of which there are 7: Eat, Sleep, Move, Think, Play, Relax and Detox. ‘EAT’  is generally the gateway shift. The one that we all tend to start with ….and the one that leads us to really jump down […]

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TPS 23: Eating, Drinking & Travelling with Irena Macri from Eat Drink Paleo

In this episode we talk all things travel with the worldly wanderer and paleo foodie, Irena Macri of ‘Eat, Drink, Paleo’ It can be a challenge to keep food options clean and maintain all of your helpful habits when you’re out of your regular routine, away from your kitchen, and not sleeping in your own […]

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TPS 9: How to Go About Eating Well Out

In this episode we talk about how to become a ‘savvy primal diner.’ Which is something that Primal Shifter, Jo has been getting a lot of practice at lately! She has been busy reviewing restaurants and cafe’s all around Melbourne and posting up those that have good primal-ish, gluten-free menu options on her website, Eating […]

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TPS 2: The Paleo Spectrum

Welcome to the second episode of the Primal Shift. In this episode we explore the multi-faceted world of Paleo.  There are many approaches and theories that sit under the umbrella term of Paleo.  We will attempt to break down the primary protocols and talk about our own experiences with each one we have tried. Our […]

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