TPS 46: Cross Fit, Histamines and Living Strong with Craig Zielinski, from BAMF Athletics


Craig Zielinski

In this episode we chat with the delightful Scottish born, highly certified Crossfit maniac, Craig Zelinksi from BAMF athletics.

When he’s not in the gym, behind the computer or out eating the weak, Craig is chowing down on stupidly easy, low histamine paleo meals with his gorgeous wife Steph Gadreau.

With his love of good fantasy like the epic “lord of the Rings” Craig is undoubtedly looking forward to his upcoming trip to middle earth for the AHS NZ Symposium 24th October in Queenstown NZ

We chat with Craig about:

  • Craig’s upcoming trip to New Zealand & visiting Middle Earth
  • Craig’s Primal Shift
  • Moving from Glasgow to San Diego
  • Discovering Cross Fit; a meeting of minds
  • Cross Fit for women
  • The ‘curse of strength’
  • The risk of over-training
  • What’s Craig’s definition of a strong body?
  • Craig’s histamine intolerance & how he deals with histamine ‘blow outs’
  • The dilemma of a paleo diet when trying to reduce high histamine foods
  • The histamine & stress link
  • Craig’s beef with paleo ‘treats’ and the moderation rule
  • Is eating healthy an eating disorder?
  • What is Craig going to talk about at the AHSNZ International Symposium in October?
  • Craig’s training essentials
  • A new website is on the way!



Craig Zielinski – Eating the Weak



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