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TPS 50: Being an Unbreakable Human with Steph Gaudreau from ‘Stupid Easy Paleo’

In this episode we speak to the multi-talented and super human Steph Gaudreau from Stupid Easy Paleo. When Steph isn’t creating delicious & nutritious chow, she’s lifting heavy things, writing books and running her new podcast Harder to Kill Radio. Steph is also a one time science teacher and current holistic nutritionist, so I think […]

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TPS 49: Repairing Periods and Hormones with Lara Briden

In this episode we chat with Lara Briden, the naturopathic Doctor who’s clocked up nearly 20 years experience in women’s health. Lara balances her time between Christchurch New Zealand, and Sydney Australia, where she runs a hormone clinic to treat PCOS, PMS, endometriosis and many other period related problems. Lara has recently released her book […]

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TPS 47: Our Favourite Books, Podcasts & Apps – Recommendations from the Shifters!

In this episode we share some of our favourite books, podcasts and apps with listeners to provide some resources, and also give listeners an insight into the broader interests of the shifters. We like to expand our nerdy inclinations beyond food because, lets face it, there’s more to life than worrying about macro-nutrients! We hope […]

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TPS 46: Cross Fit, Histamines and Living Strong with Craig Zielinski, from BAMF Athletics

In this episode we chat with the delightful Scottish born, highly certified Crossfit maniac, Craig Zelinksi from BAMF athletics. When he’s not in the gym, behind the computer or out eating the weak, Craig is chowing down on stupidly easy, low histamine paleo meals with his gorgeous wife Steph Gadreau. With his love of good […]

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TPS 44: Living off the Grid with Jo Smith from Primal Living

In this episode Jo & Crystal chat with good friend Jo Smith, from Primal Living, about her passion for real food and taking a natural approach to life. Jo actually ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to being self sufficient and living off the land. Jo is a qualified nutritional coach, personal trainer, one time […]

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TPS 40: Modern Living & Ancestral Health with Jamie Scott and Dr Anastasia Boulais

Crystal and Jo caught up with Jamie Scott and Dr Anastasia Boulais while road tripping through New Zealand in January. Jamie and Anastasia moved back to Christchurch, New Zealand twelve months ago to set up the Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand (AHS NZ). Much has happened over those short twelve months so we got […]

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TPS 39: How to be an Urban Forager with Jad Patrick and Alistair Kirkpatrick

In this episode we talk all things edible weeds and bush foraging for the modern urban Australian with our favourite resident Naturopath and Social counsellor Jad Patrick from Jad Patrick Naturopathy and his good buddy Alistair owner of AKAS Landscape architecture. Alastair has 16 years experience working in horticultural fields, is a lecturer at RMIT, has […]

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TPS 38: Meghann & Andrew Birks from Paleo Cafe Mornington Peninsula

  Today we have with us good friends of the show, Meghann & Andrew Birks from the Paleo Cafe Mornington Peninsula. Meghann is a freelance writer (you might have seen her articles in Paleo Magazine) and on her blog Bam Pow Paleo, she enjoys yoga and surfing, especially if they can be done together. Andrew […]

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TPS 37: Move Your DNA! With Katy Bowman

Jo caught up with bio mechanist and natural movement champion Katy Bowman about her latest book ‘Move Your DNA’. Katy shares her (very well evidenced!) thoughts on how movement plays a bigger role than we realise in longevity and wellbeing. Katy Bowman is a biomechanist by training and a problem solver at heart, Katy has […]

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TPS 36: Trade it for Bacon with Dan Walsh

Today we’re talking to Dan Walsh. Dan doesn’t follow a Primal lifestyle, and he very likely has never even heard of the Paleo Diet (how refreshing!) But like so many paleo/primal folks, Dan loves bacon! So much so, that he makes his very own, in his own private smoke-house, in his spare time, outside of […]

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