The Primal Shift

FBAvatarWelcome to the Primal Shift Podcast.

If you have been feeling the disconnect between conventional advice for health and wellbeing and your own real life results, you have come to the right place.

Here, you are certainly not alone.

Your hosts Crystal & Jo invite you to listen, learn and share as we talk ‘practical approaches to primal living in the modern world‘, along with regular guests, experts, practitioners and of course you guys, the everyday person trying to make a Paleo or Primal lifestyle work for you.

A Paleo or Primal approach to wellness revolves around tuning into our bodies, our thoughts and our emotions and shifting the way we eat, sleep, move, think, play and live so it’s more in line with our basic biology.

The theme of this podcast is relaxed and informal, imagine us sitting around your kitchen table sharing a cuppa and having a chat about the trials and tribulations of modern life.

Because we are not scientists, we are not going to fill our conversations with empirical facts and data.  We will endeavour instead, to invite the experts along on a regular basis to share their wisdom and give our anecdotal ramblings a bit of scientific back bone.

Above all, we will try and keep this podcast simple and practical, because modern life is hard enough as it is!

We hope you enjoy this podcast series!
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From left, Jo, Andrew (producer) and Crystal

From left, Jo, Andrew (producer) and Crystal

 Your Hosts:

Crystal Fieldhouse

IMG_3840Crystal is the creator of the beautiful Ecology Skincare Creams. Organic, Grass-fed Tallow based moisturisers that closely mimic the oils our skin naturally produces.

In a previous life she was a busy medical sales professional by day and a Paleo blogger by night.
Having one foot in each world allowed her to see and appreciate the bigger picture when it comes to both conventional medicine and an ancestral approach to health.

Crystal and her husband have spent the last four plus years undoing the damaging effects of following the conventional wisdom on ‘healthy’ eating and the stresses of a modern go-go-go lifestyle, while learning how to make a Paleo lifestyle work for them.

With a love for learning, cooking & eating, Crystal regards herself as a ‘Real Food’ foodie.  But one who is temporarily restricted by a sensitivity to foods high in salicylates and amines.
She is currently working on managing her stressors, healing a leaky gut, rebalancing hormones and addressing disordered eating.

A BSc in neuroscience and her own healing journey have sparked an interest in the neurobiology of stress and weight regulation, the psychology of eating, how our thoughts, foods and lifestyle choices can reprogram our gene expression and the impact of meditation and mindfulness on the self healing process.  She has also created her own Paleo-friendly Skincare brand for people with sensitive skin or who are looking to reduce the amount of chemicals they expose themselves to.

As a Certified Food Coach, Wholistic Skincare specialist and a Peninsula Mindfulness and Meditation Leader, Crystal is looking to help others reconnect with their primal selves.
She can be found talking ‘food as medicine’ on the Eat Sleep Move blog and Ecology Skincare.
You can connect with Crystal on the Ecology Skincare Facebook Page.

Jo Fitton

JoTPSJo is originally from NZ but has been happily calling Melbourne home for the past 12 years.
After a brief flirtation with vegetarianism and a heart breaking long term relationship with chronic cardio, Jo was left hormonally broken.

Four years ago she turned to an ‘ancestral approach’ to heal her hormonal dysfunction and start living a better quality of life.

Jo is also a qualified nutritional coach and Executive Member of the Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand.

In her spare time Jo likes to practice yoga, hug trees and drink long blacks.

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