Archive | June, 2014

TPS 26: The Primal MOVEMENT Shift

It’s no secret that the vast majority of us can afford to move a little more. Sadly, we’re caught behind our desks, shoulders rounded, staring at our screens all day long. So in this episode, we’re talking all things movement and exercise. We tend to focus in on the ‘food thing’, maybe even dabble in the sleep, […]

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TPS 25: Getting Sexy Back with Stefani Ruper

In this episode we chat to the ass kicking, go go dancing Stephanie Ruper! Stefani is also an Ivy League chemist, and eating disorder counsellor and the voice of reason behind Paleo for If that’s not enough, she also hosts a self-love podcast, Live Love Eat, has authored the recently released ‘Sexy By Nature’, plus the […]

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